Welcome to Denver Mediation Services

Are you seeking Family Law (Divorce or Separation) Mediation?  Please visit this page: Divorce Mediation in Denver.

Welcome to Denver Mediation Services (DMS).  We help people resolve disputes, differences, and disagreements. If you are not familiar with what mediation is, you can read the FAQ here: What is Mediation? If you don’t know the difference between mediation and arbitration, you should definitely read the FAQ, as the two are very different.

We specialize here in two kinds of mediation:

  • Family Mediation: including: separation and divorce; and covering areas such as parenting, child support, division of assets, and alimony. If you are divorced or separated and seeking mediation, please go here
  • Business Mediation: including business to business, consumer issues, partnerships, and the like.
  • Other types of mediation: We are also experienced at mediating a variety of other issues, from Landlord-Tenant to HOA to neighbor-neighbor. If we cannot personally help you, we will find someone who can.  Call us.